The Workplace Devotional, A Guide To Serving God's Purpose At Work was written to encourage professionals to welcome God into their work-space.  Our relationship with God is just as important in our work lives as it is in our personal lives.  God is waiting for us to receive Him and allow Him to guide us through the challenges we often face in the workplace.


Soul Talk, Volume II, is an essential guide for those who long for a more intimate relationship with God. In this riveting and compelling anthology, visionary Cheryl Polote-Williamson has assembled 21 storytellers who expose their hearts, so that we can glean lessons of hope, fortitude and unyielding faith.

After reading this book, you will revel in the freedom that can be gained through both your challenges and triumphs as you are empowered to let go of your wounds and allow God to heal your soul.


Enjoy The Workplace Devotional and Sol Talk Vol. 2 for the price of one!